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Vision X Offroad Vehicle Lighting Action

Vision X Offroad Vehicle Lighting Action

Vision X love offroad, and offroaders love Vision X because their lights are as tough, durable and extreme as their offroad equipment. From XPI LED offroad lightbars, Cannon series LED offroad drive lights and the Duralux LED worklights Vision X continues to lead the way in offroad race lighting.

Here we showcase some fantastic offroad action from teams sponsored by Vision X that are winning some of the world’s toughest offroad races like the Score Baja 250, Score Baja 1000, Mint 400 and much more.

Vision X’s Offroad Lighting Action, Featuring the 4.5″ Cannon

In this video Vision X showcase some great offroad action, highlighting their high performance lightbars, and drive lights trusted by NASA, professional race teams and more.

TJ Flores Romps his Trophy Truck through Nevada Desert Featuring 6.7″ Cannons

The 6.7″ Cannons push out an incredible light quality and distance so you can what’s ahead no matter how fast you’re going.

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