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How We Work

As a full service export marketing and sales agency merchlin is responsible for all elements of successful export market development from strategic planning to sales & marketing through to sales order processing and delivery.

We provide a single point integrated solution for export market development and by acting as transaction intermediary for all export orders we simplify dealings and remove foreign credit risk from the equation for our clients.

Strategic Planning for Export Markets

Strategic Planning for Export MarketsOne of the key advantages of working with merchlin is the ability to leverage our experience to accelerate market growth and ‘get it right the first time’. We ensure these outcomes by conducting a strategic planning process for every brand we represent.

This process encompasses the following key stages:

  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • KPIs and budgeting
  • Marketing plan
  • Review and reporting

Sales & Marketing for Export Markets

Sales & Marketing for Export MarketsOur senior sales and marketing teams implement the market development plans through a range of innovative and tailored campaigns, events, training programs and on-site visits to build brand awareness, encourage product uptake and empower our channel partners.

These efforts focus on the following:

  • Channel partner and end user campaign implementation
  • Distributor meetings and training presentations
  • Trade show representation
  • Claims management and resolution

Export Market Sales Processing

Export Market Sales Processingmerchlin provide a single point account solution for all export sales. All orders are submitted through merchlin and by taking title in the goods we remove the significant foreign credit risk for our clients. You only need to invoice merchlin and have the goods ready for despatch. We manage the entire process from order placement through to delivery.

The key steps we manage include:

  • Order acceptance and customer invoicing
  • merchlin order submission and payment
  • Credit risk and insurance
  • Customs documentations and clearances
  • Freight and storage through to delivery