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Corporate Governance

merchlin’s Board and Leadership Team are strong advocates of good corporate governance and are committed to providing a satisfactory return to their owners and fulfilling their corporate governance obligations and responsibilities in the best interests of the company and its partners.

We have adopted a Code of Conduct to provide a set of actionable principles that are to be adhered to by all merchlin employees.

Code of Conduct

merchlin's code of conductmerchlin is committed to providing positive economic, social and environmental contributions to society, while at the same complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries it operates in. We are also committed to acting in a manner that is consistent with the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. These goals are best achieved by establishing defined, actionable standards that are used as reference points for our decision-making and as measures of our accountability.

All merchlin staff are expected to act consistently with the following fundamental principles and guiding policies.


Commitment To Shareholders
  • Act in good faith, and act in the best interests of merchlin and their clients.
  • Promote and protect the business, reputation, general interests and welfare of merchlin and their client brands, and promote the values of merchlin.
Ethical Standards Of Honesty, Transparency, Integrity And Fairness
  • Value, promote and maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • Show fairness, courtesy, respect, consideration and sensitivity in all dealings with customers, suppliers and the public.
  • Comply with all applicable local, national and international laws.
  • Treat clients as part of our business and ensure our processes and actions support the sharing of relevant current and planned activities, events and performance.
Seek Innovation
  • Continually seek better ways to complete our obligations and meet objectives.
  • Commit to staying abreast of relevant developments that provide innovation opportunities
  • Commit to sharing insights with colleagues to encourage collaborative innovation.
Privacy And Confidentiality
  • Respect and preserve confidentiality.
  • Use confidential information solely for purposes of their duties as employees.
  • Comply with all applicable merchlin policies and procedures.
  • Refrain from misusing any of merchlin’s information, assets, systems or facilities, including email and internet facilities, and ensure that these facilities are not used to access or distribute illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate material, or for any other purpose which may damage the reputation of merchlin.
  • Ensure merchlin’s data and other assets are protected by responsible use, maintenance and storage practices.
Conflicts Of Interest
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with merchlin.
  • Disclose potential conflicts by advising the Leadership Team of any conflict or potential conflict of interest.
Bribery And Other Improper Payments/ Receipts
  • Do not offer or accept gifts or hospitality in circumstances which may be reasonably considered to give rise to undue influence.
  • All business dealings must be accurately documented to reflect the true nature of the transaction.
  • Take all practical steps to ensure that third parties such as contractors and business partners dealing with or on behalf of merchlin do not engage in conduct that would contravene these principles, this Code of Conduct or any applicable laws.
Governmeent Agency Dealings And Political Contributions
  • All dealings with politicians and government officers which relate to merchlin and its business activities must be conducted at arm’s length and with professionalism, to avoid any perception of attempts to gain advantage.
  • Any political donations must be authorised by the merchlin Board and will be disclosed as required by law and recorded accurately in our accounts.
Employee Relations
  • Avoid any form of discrimination, bullying, harassment or other inappropriate workplace behaviour, and take action to prevent or stop these behaviours if demonstrated by others.
  • Support each other, working collaboratively and in the best interests of merchlin and their client partners.
  • Make employment decisions based on merit and performance.
Health And Safety
  • Approach their work in ways that maximise workplace safety.
  • Take responsibility for a safe working environment by reporting any health or safety issues immediately.
  • Ensuring that we abide by and are aware of merchlin’s health and safety policies and following all safety instructions at all times.
  • Endorse and support diversity in merchlin’s employment practices, including the development of employees in accordance with the Group’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, which is available on the Wesfarmers internal intranet.
Social And Environmental Obligations
  • Approach their work in ways that minimise environmental impacts.
  • Ensure the way they conduct themselves respects and abides by social and cultural obligations.