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Vision X Duralux Series LED Worklights

Vision X Duralux Series LED Worklights

duralux-led-worklight-family-400x229Vision X Duralux series LED worklights are available through specialist distributors in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinentContact merchlin for your nearest distributor, or for distributor enquiries.

The Duralux Series

The Duralux series LED worklights utilizes 5 Watt LEDs for combined distance and intensity.

Outmatches Halogen for Output and Lifespan

The Duralux Series has a high light output, witht he 4xLED 20Watt version outshining 100 Watt halogen fixtures and outlasting them with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

With a Die-Cast Aluminium housing, weatherproof professional-grade Deutsch Connector, and E-Mark Approval on the 4 LED Model, the Duralux Lighting Series is up to any heavy duty task in any environment.

Duralux LED Worklights Offer Affordable, US Designed Quality

The real value of a product comes from their reliability, performance and price. Especially when it comes to worklights, where downtime costs money. Vision X’s Duralux series provides the reliability and performance you expect from US designed equipment and matches that with affordable pricing to ensure they will always outcompete lower quality, less reliable worklight copies.

Key Features

  • 5 Watt Xtreme LED Lighting
  • Effective Light for Commercial Applications
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Housing
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Outperforms 100 Watt Halogen Lighting
  • IP 68 rated

Duralux LED Worklight Size Chart

Light Pattern LEDs Part Code
 40 degree  4  DURA-440
60 degree 4 DURA-460
90 degree 4 DURA-e490
40 degree 6 DURA-640
90 degree 6 DURA-660

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