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LAP Emergency Beacons Now Certified R65

LAP Emergency Beacons Now Certified R65

LAP-safety-emergency-beacons-400x329LAP Electrical’s R65 certified direct drive rotating, LED and Xenon beacons and strobes  are available through specialist distributors in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinentContact merchlin for your nearest distributor, or for distributor enquiries.

A Comprehensive Range of R65 Certified Emergency Beacons

UN ECE Regulation 65 (R65) covers the accreditation requirements for special warning (safety, emergency) lamps used on vehicles and is managed by the UN ECE Transport Division. It covers the labelling, light output (intensity and dispersion), flash rate and colour for beacons, light bars and directional lights.

LAP Electrical’s 25 years experience and their Quality Assured UK-based manufacturing facilities have allowed them to achieve R65 certification for the vast majority of their emergency lighting range that encompass the following safety beacon types:

  • Direct drive rotating range
  • High power Xenon range
  • Standard Xenon range
  • Compact Xenon range
  • LED R65 range
  • Compact/Mini Lightbar range

Key Features

  • Direct drive rotating, not belt driven, for greater lifespan and reliability
  • Single Point, 3 Point, Magnetic, DIN & Flexi DIN models
  • ECE R10 EMC Approved
  • 12V or Dual Voltage (12/24V) options
  • ECE R65 Approved Performance
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • -30ºC to +50ºC extreme temperature reliability
  • 70 mph rated magnetic versions

LAP Electrical’s R65 Certified Beacon Catalogue

Use the following interactive catalogue to find out more about the LAP Electrical range of direct drive, LED and Xenon beacons available.

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