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Titan LED Lightbar

Titan LED Lightbar

Combining the latest LED technology with unique optics, the new TITAN lightbar range by LAP Electrical provides a brilliant 360° of visual warning that is ECE R65 approved. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the TITAN lightbar is built to your exact requirements, offering a variety of flexible options including hazard lights, stop/tail/indicators, alley lights and centre illumination with optional sign writing.

Manufacturer: LAP Electrical

Product category: safety lighting, LED lightbar

Application: for use on work sites and by emergency response teams, police and military


  • Quality Assured UK manufacture
  • Meets ECE R65 & EMC regulations (ECE R10)
  • 360° high performance optics for improved safety
  • 4 x ECE R65 Class I approved flash patterns
  • Manfactured in 5 industry standard lengths
  • Can accommodate an array of optional LED extras such as stop/tail/indicator, hazard warning lights, illuminated centre with sign writing and side alley lights



  • Extruded aluminium base
  • Fully encapsulated electronic control module
  • Long life LED technology
  • Opal, clear or amber centre sections available
  • 4 Bolt mounting fix
  • Extreme temperature reliability
  • 3 year warranty
Part # Length (A) Modules LED Colour Lens Colour
LB242AC 2ft – 610mm 2 Amber Clear
LB242WA 2ft – 610mm 2 White Amber
LB362AC 3ft – 915mm 2 Amber Clear
LB362WA 3ft – 915mm 2 White Amber
LB482AC 4ft – 1220mm 2 Amber Clear
LB482WA 4ft – 1220mm 2 White Amber
LB604AC 5ft – 1524mm 4 Amber Clear
LB604WA 5ft – 1524mm 4 White Amber
LB724AC 6ft – 1828mm 4 Amber Clear
LB724WA 6ft – 1828mm 4 White Amber

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