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About Gumout

About Gumout

merchlin are proud to be the exclusive factory representatives for Gumout performance additives in the Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent.

About Gumout Performance AdditivesGumout-Logo

Gumout Performance Additives deliver the technology to clean, protect, and enhance critical engine and automotive parts. Proven to perform on the latest engine technology, like direct injectors and superchargers, Gumout products are equally effective on older technology, like carburetors. Because when you put better science in, better performance and engine life come out.

How Fuel Additives Work in Your Engine

Product Range

The Gumout range covers the following categories:

  • Multi-system tune-up
  • Fuel additives
  • Expert series
  • Diesel
  • Maintenance fluids & aerosols




To view more visit Gumout on YouTube

Find Out More

To find out more visit Gumout website

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