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LAP Electrical officially released RCK070 camera kit and accessories

LAP Electrical officially released RCK070 camera kit and accessories

LAP Electrical RCK070 camera kit and accessoriesmerchlin is pleased to announce that LAP Electrical has released the new RCK070 complete reversing camera kit and accessories.

The RCK070 is bundled with features that are targeted for safety while reversing. Supplied with 7″ LCD Monitor, 1/3″ CMOS Camera and 20 Metre Extension Cable.

Features of the LAP Electrical RCK070:

  • blindspot9-36V Power supply
  • Rear-view camera meets IP68 rating
  • Lens angle of 120°
  • Operating temperature of -20°C to + 50°C
  • EMC R10 Approved
  • 18 IR Infared LEDs for low light and night use
  • 3 Camera input capacity
  • Integral monitor speaker and camera microphone
  • Fantastic value and quality for transport and industrial applications

Accessories available:

  • LAP-Electrical-RCK070-camera-kit-accessories-1Rear centre camera for use when loading & unloading, reversing and while vehicle is stationary


  • LAP-Electrical-RCK070-camera-kit-accessories-2Adjustable camera  ideal for use as a secondary camera and can be positioned anywhere on vehicle


  • LAP-Electrical-RCK070-camera-kit-accessories-3Left & right hand side cameras designed for safety when turning near  cyclist and smaller vehicles


  • LAP-Electrical-RCK070-camera-kit-accessories-45M, 10M & 20M extension cables, available for all vehicle sizes


  • LAP-Electrical-RCK070-camera-kit-accessories-5Adaptor cables for using VPK accessories with the new RCK range



Bulk purchase pricing is available on this item. Contact merchlin to find out more about RCK070 camera kit and accessories.

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