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Kwikpatch’s Quality Assured Tire Repair Strings

Kwikpatch’s Quality Assured Tire Repair Strings

Kwikpatch’s range tire repair strings provides solutions for all makes and models of tires in the market.

With a long-standing reputation for product quality you can be confident with Kiwkpatch due to their Quality Assured status (ISO 9001) and their position as one of the largest tire repair string patches suppliers in the sub-continent.

merchlin are proud to be the exclusive export managers for Kwik Patch tyre and tube repair patches in the Middle East and Africa.

Why Choose Kwikpatch Tire Repair Strings

Tire repair strings offer an easy and convenient way to permanently fix flat tires. Kwikpatch’s range offers a number of unique and valuable options and features for distributors and the end user:

  1. String Quality: Kwikpatch’s ISO 9001 status and reliance on the highest quality rubber ensures your confidence in the quality and performance of their tire repair strings
  2. Superior Strength: Kwikpatch strings offer 12 strands to provide superior strength.
  3. Size Options: Options are available in 8 inch and 4 inch string sizes
  4. Color Options: Kwikpatch strings are available in black, brown and orange
  5. Lead Free: Kwikpatch tire repair strings are lead-free, unlike many other options sourced from the US manufacturers.

Private Label Options Also Available

Private labelling can be arranged for distributors that want to present a proven range of tire repair products and equipment to their customers packaged and marketed under their own brand.

Kwikpatch Tire Repair String Range

Srl No.Product CodeItemQty/Box
1KTL-5084″ HD Black50
2KTL-5094″ HD Brown50
3KTL-5108″ HD Black25
4KTL-5118″ HD Brown25
5KTL-5124″ HD Black lead free50
6KTL-5138″ HD Black lead free25
7KTL-5147.25″ NV Black strings50
Monofils (Tempseals)
1KTL-5154″ Monofils50

Contact merchlin

Contact Mazher Hussain, International Sales Director at merchlin, to request your Kwikpatch catalogue and a tailored international distributor pricing quotation.

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