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Vision X expands reach to Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent

Vision X expands reach to Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent

Vision X is a recognised world leader in heavy duty automotive lighting. Servicing OEM and aftermarket customers throughout the world from their US and South Korean bases, Vision X have now partnered with the Dubai-based export management team at merchlin to bring their range to the Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent.

The Vision X Range

Vision X’s product range covers the following product groups for off-road and on-road applications:

LAP Electrical’s quality assured product range covers the following product groups

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Responsive, Local Service and Support

merchlin provide distributors of Vision X lighting equipment with extensive product and local market knowledge through their experienced on-the-ground sales team. Distributors can also expect to receive tailored marketing and sales team training support to ensure Vision X lighting equipment is a successful and profitable part of their range.

Distributor Opportunities Are Available

The Vision X range provides an exciting opportunity for wholesalers, retailers, OEMs and major fleet managers. With its specialist, proven range and enviable market position that offers quality and affordability Vision X lighting equipment can be a profitable addition to your range.

merchlin are seeking regional and industry sector partners throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent for the Vision X lighting range.

If your range can benefit from quality assured, innovative and affordable products then contact merchlin now to discuss the opportunity further.

Find Out More

Find out more about how merchlin and the Vision X lighting range can improve your product offering and profit. Vision X lighting catalogues and price lists will be made available upon request.

Mazher Hussain (International Sales Director)


Phone: +971 50 4625073

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